Global or Regional Executive Search

Finding the best candidates wherever they may be


Across all of the Engineering disciplines that we operate we have experience of retained search to the highest level. Our expertise and Engineering knowledge proves to be much more engaging than the many approaches talented executives receive on an ongoing basis.

We start by developing a very close understanding of your organisation and your requirements we will advise you on and develop a strong EVP (Employee Value Proposition).

The multi-channel research that we conduct identifies potential candidates thoroughly and quickly. Our research can cover any or in fact all continents.

We will contact all of the potential candidates in a manner agreed with you. Where appropriate we recommend that you record a video presentation to explain your EVP. This approach is much more engaging and returns a better response rate.

We assess candidate suitability and interview each to build a profile. Where agreed we will ask each candidate to answer your questions in a recorded video interview. You simply view the recorded interviews at your convenience.

We support the candidate through the remaining selection process and advise our client on how best to secure the selected candidate.

We will only embark on a search where we know success is probable. So please contact us for an initial consultation.