About us

People First

Paramount to us is understanding our candidates situation and requirements. As it should be we agree, but often not the case. We listen to our candidates, find out about their family situation and treat them as people not a database record. Simply put, when we understand our candidates and clients we are doing our job well.

Recruitment Reengineered

Global Engineering Projects is a completely reengineered recruitment company. We utilise the latest technology advancements which enables us to deliver solutions in a way not previously seen in the Engineering sector. Through technology we have reengineered our routes to candidates which has significantly changed the delivery to our clients and our candidate experience.

We have not only changed the way we engage candidates but the candidates that we engage. In an overcrowded recruitment marketplace we believe there is no point in offering our clients what they have already. To add real value to our clients we engage candidates that are exclusive. 

Exclusive Candidates

To do this we offer world class service to our candidates and a level of engagement not experienced from conventional staffing companies. Working with fewer exclusive candidates allows us to work with them closely as people. This is why we don’t talk to our clients about CV’s only people.

Where possible we offer our candidates the opportunity to view a video of our client describing their vacancy/company; this is much more engaging to candidates and will put our clients ahead of their competition. In return the candidate has the opportunity to record on video their answers to the client questions.

Global Engineering Projects is not dependent on job boards. We have multi-channel passive candidate engagement methods and technology. We look for the best candidate not the first CV we can download. Recent surveys show that as many as 60% of the employed are open to the idea of a new job. These potential candidates are not active job seekers meaning that conventional candidate attraction methods do not attract these people. 

What we do and where we do it

We only operate in Engineering and you will be dealing with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable consultants in the industry. We place personnel from Engineers to Lawyers in 4 disciplines specific Sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Marine & Dredging

We are based in the UK and Australia. This means the sun will never set on our ability to engage a candidate for our clients, no matter where they are in the world we will be able to take their call 24 hours a day.

Please see our Solutions page for more details on the below services that we offer our clients:

  • International Campaigns
  • Global or regional executive search
  • Rapid passive candidate engagement
  • Video Interviewing


We are different, we are consultative but our initial consultation is free so go ahead and contact us we will explain how we can reengineer your candidate engagement.